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Automated and global promotions now available in Spotlight PRO.
** Global and Automated Promotions Now In Spotlight PRO ————————————————————
Spotlight PRO’s latest update introduces Global and Automated Promotions which work hand-in-hand with the recently launched Promote feature (spotlightwp.com/introducing-spotlight-promote-link-instagram-posts/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_new_promotions) to take your Instagram feeds to the next level.
We’ve also introduced a new option to add links to a custom call-to-action in the popup lightbox for each post, rather than linking the post directly on click.
With Global Promotions, you can assign a specific link to an Instagram post across all feeds and do away with having to repeat the same steps for each and every separate feed.
Automated promotions work in a slightly different way but are even more powerful! Whenever Spotlight finds a new post that contains a specific hashtag, it is automatically linked to the pre-assigned page, product, etc.
Let’s say you own an online clothing store. Use Spotlight PRO to bring in images of your customers wearing your clothes , then have all the photos that use #brownsweater automatically link to your “Brown Sweater” WooCommerce product with a “Buy this sweater” call-to-action.
The possibilities for these two new features are endless. Learn more about our latest updates (spotlightwp.com/automated-global-promotions-elementor-instagram-feed/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_new_promotions) Both Global and Automated Promotions are now available in all Spotlight PRO (spotlightwp.com/pricing/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_new_promotions) licenses, but there’s even more to come in the next few weeks!
Take these new features for a spin with our free 14-day Spotlight PRO trial (spotlightwp.com/pricing/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_new_promotions) .
Have a great day!
Mark from Spotlight
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