🤔 Is it Black Friday yet?

** Welcome to the Spotlight Academy ———————————————————— Hi there! We’re beyond excited to start sharing some of our best tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you reach your Instagram feed’s full potential (spotlightwp.com/creative-ways-to-integrate-instagram-into-your-website/) .
Every month, we want to help you level up your website and your social media marketing skills so that you can grow your brand online (spotlightwp.com/user-generated-content-helps-your-brand-make-money/) .
We know that this can be a somewhat intimidating task, so we’re here to help.
Let’s kick things off with a few tips to make the most of the upcoming Black Friday (spotlightwp.com/6-instagram-marketing-strategies-for-a-successful-black-friday/) period. spotlightwp.com/black-friday-ecommerce/
** Black Friday eCommerce: 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales in 2022 (spotlightwp.com/black-friday-ecommerce/) ————————————————————
Most shoppers start searching for Black Friday deals in October and continue throughout the holiday period, right up to Christmas. This means that right now is the perfect time to start working on your Black Friday marketing strategy.
This month, we looked at 5 ways you can increase sales by taking your Black Friday eCommerce marketing efforts beyond your Instagram profile. Read more (spotlightwp.com/black-friday-ecommerce/) spotlightwp.com/how-to-embed-instagram-reels-on-your-website/
** How to Embed Instagram Reels on Your Website [Super Easy Guide] (spotlightwp.com/how-to-embed-instagram-reels-on-your-website/) ————————————————————
Instagram reels are all the rage at the moment. Showcasing them on your website using Spotlight can help boost your holiday period campaign with fun and eye-catching videos.
Create a dedicated feed or combine them with your photos and videos to increase customer engagement and make your brand memorable. Read more (spotlightwp.com/how-to-embed-instagram-reels-on-your-website/)
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