🚀 Turn your Instagram feed into a conversion machine


Promote your blog posts, products, and more!
** Turn your Instagram feed into a conversion machine 🚀 ————————————————————
Spotlight PRO is soon introducing a new feature – ‘Promote’. It will enable you to link photos in your website’s Instagram feed to Blog Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, or any Custom URL of your choice.
Interested? Check out the previews below 👇
** Tag products, add buttons, and much more… ————————————————————
Your website’s Instagram feed is already a powerful way to grab your visitors’ attention, but what are you doing with it after that?
If you run an e-commerce site, or you sell a service to clients, or even want to promote your blog posts, Spotlight can help drive more conversions.
Let us know how and why you want to use “Promote”. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help to determine our future roadmap. Take our quick 1-minute survey (spotlightwp.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=91764525e60613186f4f50fd1&id=926b7ff188&e=811255bcbe) Have questions? Hit the ‘Reply’ button and I’ll get back to you personally.
It’s time to take your Instagram feed to the next level!
Mark Zahra CEO, Spotlight
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