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Live stream with Vito from Atarim on Tuesday 29th June!
Agencies, developers and freelancers…
Once you’ve finished a project and you hand it over to your client for them to start using, how often do they keep their blog content up-to-date?
Unless they have a dedicated person developing content for their blog, it usually stays dormant until the end of time. This is where Spotlight (spotlightwp.com/) comes in – our slick Instagram plugin that can replace the blog entirely.
Join Vito and me for our first live stream where you will learn:
1. How Spotlight can fix the issue of clients not being active on their blog
2. How you can offer this to your clients as an additional service 💰
3. How you can offer the service of Instagram asset creation using Atarim (atarim.io/?ref=29) When, where, and with who?
The time: Live session at 5 PM (UTC+2) on Tuesday the 29th of June The place: The Atarim Facebook Community (www.facebook.com/groups/atarim.io) The hosts: Vito from Atarim And Mark from Spotlight
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What is the Atarim Facebook Community?
Here’s a message from Vito, Atarim’s Founder, to tell you all about it. If you’re an agency owner or freelancer, this is the Facebook group for you >> www.facebook.com/groups/atarim.io
We’re a community of people just like you, all trying to grow our businesses and make our day-to-day easier, by constantly learning and evolving.
This is THE place to share your experiences with thousands of others who are in the same position as you. You can tell us your daily challenges, ask questions about how to deal with problems you’re facing and help others with the knowledge you’ve built up through your journey as an agency owner or freelancer.
During your day-to-day, if you find yourself experiencing a challenge or problem that you are unsure how to deal with, this is the place to come for help and find the answer you need! Join Atarim’s Facebook Community (www.facebook.com/groups/atarim.io)
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