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How to get featured in our Spotlight showcase
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** KFC, Tecnam, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal… ———————————————————— All 3 have large Instagram followings, but what else do they have in common?
They all chose Spotlight PRO to feature their Instagram content on their website in different ways. From hashtag feeds (spotlightwp.com/instagram-hashtag-feeds/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_showcase) to their Instagram link in bio (spotlightwp.com/link-in-bio-feeds/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_showcase) , they’ve all mastered the skill of using Instagram content to its full potential (spotlightwp.com/showcase/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_showcase) .
** Want to be featured alongside these giants?
———————————————————— Join the likes of Scott from the Drive on Podcast and Isabel from Studio Pixels & Dots in our Spotlight Showcase (spotlightwp.com/showcase/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_showcase) and share your story. Here’s how to get featured… 1. Post a 5-star review for Spotlight (wordpress.org/support/plugin/spotlight-social-photo-feeds/reviews/) 2. Reply to this email with a link to the review and a link to your website 3. We will evaluate all applications and select the best examples to share
If you’re selected, we’ll reach out with more details.
Below are some ideas of what to mention in your review: * What problem did Spotlight solve for you or your client? * How has Spotlight impacted your website or business? * What was your experience like with Spotlight’s support?
Share Your Story (wordpress.org/support/plugin/spotlight-social-photo-feeds/reviews/)
Here’s what Isabel and Scott had to say… These days almost every company has its own Instagram account. These accounts are more up-to-date than most blogs. So I was looking for a way to replace the blogs on the websites I make for all kinds of businesses and found the Spotlight plugin.
The plugin is easy to install and offers multiple design options. I really can’t recommend the plugin enough!
Isabel, Studio Pixels & Dots (spotlightwp.com/showcase/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_showcase) I host a podcast with a growing Instagram following. I had been posting each episodeā€™s cover image to my Instagram feed and telling followers to click the link in my bio to view the episode. […]
There are other ā€œlink in bioā€ services out there, but I wanted to direct traffic to my website. When I came across Spotlight, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! Itā€™s driven traffic to my site consistently each week since I started using it, and I couldnā€™t ask for anything more. […] They have a happy customer in me!
Scott, Drive On Podcast (spotlightwp.com/showcase/?utm_source=sli_mc&utm_medium=sli_mc_email&utm_campaign=sli_mc_email_showcase) Spotlight – helping you build credibility and create connections through social proof.
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